Great sleep matters, so why not give your child the best possible rest?

Can one innovative new design break the mold by offering your child comfort, security and rest while impacting industry safety standards forever? Yes! The Breathezzz Sleep System creates:

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    The best possible rest for your child and for you !

    100% Safe, 100% Comfortable Sleep with a top layer composed of a highly perforated, soft Memory Foam layer with no area of foam wider than one quarter inch wide in the baby’s contact area to ensure complete breathability. You can rest peacefully, knowing that your baby is completely comfortable and absolutely safe.

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    Innovative new design: Comfort and safety, at home and abroad!

    Can there really be that much room for improvement in crib safety and comfort? Yes! The Breathezzz Sleep System’s state-of-the-art design offers your family:

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    Emotional Security and Ability to Self Soothe

    The soft, pacifying top layer of foam ensures maximum comfort, especially for tiny ones who require extra sensory stimulation and who need extra pressure giving your child a unique feeling of being embraced by the “conforming” foam.

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    Even, Deep Pressure Point Relief

    All areas of your tiny one’s body are evenly cradled in the downy soft foam, creating a cloud-like pillow which is effective for increasing bedtime transition to sleep and improving relaxation techniques. It is also helpful in avoiding “flat head” syndrome in tiny ones which can be caused by hard mattresses.

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    Contiguous Spinal Alignment

    The natural gravity and pressure sensitivity of the materials used allows the spine to remain perfectly aligned, evenly supporting the infant’s airway and avoiding asphyxiation. The spinal alignment is especially helpful when sleeping on one’s back or side, is necessary in soothing side sleepers’ hip and shoulder pressure points for children with physical movement limitations.

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    Non-Stimulating, Motionless Calm

    The effects of motion transfer is reduced due to the stable nature of the memory foam, and your child is able to enjoy peaceful rest having the freedom to spread out and lie in any position they choose. Although placing the infant on their back is safest, if they roll to their tummy while asleep, they will still be safe and comfortable sleeping on the Breathezzz mattress.

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    Luxuriant, Emotionally Stabilizing Under-Body Pressure

    Provides soothing compression from below, similiar to the feeling of a cozy hug, but encouraging the same mental and physical response associated with a weighted blanket from above. This is especially helpful as they transition from a swaddle to a sleep sack, but still desire the feeling of being swaddled for emotional security.

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    Uninterrupted, Noise-Diminished Slumber

    The soft, breathable foam allows your child’s ears to conform to the material, thus blocking outside distractions and noises from their hearing, rather than on a traditional, hard, ungiving mattress.

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    Safe and hypoallergenic

    The Breathezzz Sleep System is hypoallergenic, BPA-free and composed of materials that are completely safe for all ages. Tested and approved by the C.P.S.C., our design promotes safer sleep and greater comfort.

Safety, stability and snuggable softness that travels with you: The ideal sleep combination.

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The Breathezzz Sleep System was designed from the beginning to provide all children, but especially those with special sensory needs, with a cozy, snuggable sleep environment while still ensuring safety through complete breathability and full body support. Extensive research, development and testing has resulted in a final product which meets all of our expectations — and yours, which then gifts to you greater hope for a good night’s rest as they slumber more comfortably.

Breathezzz™ delivers great sleep in three ways:

Sleep that’s safe and comfortable

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other child health experts recommend that infants sleep on their back on a firm mattress.  This provides even body support to the neck and airway, which allows the airway to remain open with continuous airflow and has been proven to reduce the occurrence of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

While we definitely reccommend placing your bay on their back to sleep, the Breathezzz Sleep System with infant topper was designed with increased airflow in mind.

The mattress system is composed of three layers:

A bottom layer composed of solid foam for firmness and stability, is hollowed out and contoured to allow two inches of airflow below the topper.

The topper is composed of six sections in a mesh covering to allow complete air flow.  Inside each of the section is a base of corrugated board with holes for airflow, and a layer of perforated, soft foam on top.  The top foam layer is made 100% breathable with large perforations in the baby contact area, and no area of foam is larger than one quarter inch wide.  Even if your baby turns in their sleep, there is no place or position in which airflow can be cut off.

These features also help to avoid overheating, another contributor to SIDS.  All materials used in the Breathezzz Sleep System are BPA-free and hypoallergenic.  The bed is designed to fit all standard crib size beds, and can be used with standard crib size sheets.

When traveling, the topper can be taken out and used in the pack ‘n’ play which is included in the Breathezzz Sleep System.  After your child is over a year old, and the risk of SIDS has passed, the soft, contoured base of the crib may be used as the primary mattress without the topper.

Sleep that promotes healthy growth

Did you know human growth hormone is released only during sleep?  And that studies have found the quality and amount of sleep infants get affects how well they develop memory, how soon they develop language skills and how well their physical growth progresses?  The harder mattresses that have been the industry standard in recent years have contributed to unnatural and painfully difficult sleep patterns for children, especially those with special health and sensory needs.  Creating a safe, comfortable sleeping environment with the Breathezzz Sleep System is our goal and will benefit your child’s health and yours, as you are able to enjoy more restful sleep.

Sleep that is perfect for children with special needs

Many of the feelings that children with sensory issues experience can make sound sleep very difficult.  They feel the need for security and to feel encircled.  As they look around their bedroom, many times they feel the need for order and confinement, which helps them to feel secure.  They may also feel agitated by unnecessary, bouncy movement when they are trying to rest.  The Breathezzz Sleep System combines the nested, bundling feel of a hammock with an even, full body support to ensure the feeling of security, thus calming them and dispelling the child’s feeling of panic and need to take flight.  The natural, cushioning stability of the breathable memory foam prevents bouncing such as they may feel in a spring or air mattress, thus avoiding extra movement that might stimulate children with already overactive senses.

For ideal results, sleeping in the Breathezzz Sleep System should be combined with the deep pressure sensation of a weighted blanket (or a swaddling for infants), a vibration massager placed under the sheets or a white noise generator in the room.  These items (along with other suggestions) can be found in the Special Sensory Needs section of our site.

Safety, stability and snuggable softness that travels with you:  The ideal sleep combination

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